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Gourmet Sandwiches

A great sandwich begins with great bread. Our talented bakers have an early start to craft fresh homemade sourdough breads, baguettes and brioches, all of which feature on our carefully created gourmet sandwich menu at Lyon’s.

Gourmet Sandwiches from Lyon's Cafe
Seasonal mains from Lyons Cafe; pizza

Our lunchtime offerings on our Lyon’s Cafe menu are guided by the seasons and change daily. We use fresh stocks and sauces, and our talented team of chefs prepare everything on-site every day. Healthy low-fat options are always a priority, as are gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan dishes.


Our extensive salad bar is entirely guided by the seasons, and over the years, we have developed a good chain of supplies with many local organic farmers who deliver fresh produce daily. Our emphasis is on healthy light salads that are both gluten-free, and vegan where possible.

Sweet things

Our in-house bakery supply a delicious range of pastries, chocolate treats and scones to other businesses. Our talented team of pastry chefs have an early start to craft, bake and present our wonderful range of treats on time for the early morning rush.

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